PwC and HSG win Business Project of the Year Award

The Information Technology Revolution of the 21st Century is disrupting traditional forms of businesses, creating new opportunities along with new challenges. In a 2015 survey by PwC, over 80% of CEOs see digital as strategically important, but what that means and how it is translated by middle management and delivered to consumers is not as clear. CEMS students studying at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland had the unique opportunity to conduct a gap analysis between C-suite, middle management and consumers with CEMS Corporate Partner (CP) PwC, focusing on large Swiss-based companies. The project was voted by CEMS students as the ‘2016 CEMS Business Project of the Year’. The team included from PwC: Wanja Bont (Director, Co-Leader PwC’s Experience Center), Michèle Hostettler (Strategist), Dominic Olonetzky (Co-Head Consulting); CEMS students: Bilun Berkan, Philipp Elbel , Tobias Giger, Sebastian Here, Leeor Groen, and supervising professor at HSG Jürgen Brücker. We caught up with Olonetzky, Professor Brücker and students Giger and Groen, to learn more about this project.

The topic of digital transformation is one that is particularly intriguing, both for companies, but also for students.

04 Dec 2016

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