Catching Up with CEMSies: Barbara Fouchet with Arla

Many CEMS graduates have chosen to work with CEMS Corporate Partners. In this interview series, we investigate how they have been doing. Today, we catch up with Barbara Fouchet who did her programme with HKUST Business School and the University of Sydney Business School. She is participating in the F15® Graduate Programme with Arla.

Why did you choose to work with Arla? 

I wanted to start my career with Arla for a few reasons:

15 Dec 2016

Career Forum 2016

The largest CEMS gathering of Corporate Partners and Students took place in Vienna for the annual CEMS Career Forum. Hosted by the WU, Vienna University of Economics and Business, the 2016 Career Forum provided a platform that connected over 1000 students and alumni with representatives from 41 Corporate Partners representing 65 nationalities.

A multi-stakeholder event, the Career Forum connects Corporate Partners, Students, Alumni and Academic schools through specific activities.

28 Nov 2016

New Year’s Drinks

We say welcome to all our paying members in 2017 by inviting you to a free drink at the MASI Wine bar in Zurich!

Director General of ESADE, Eugenia Bieto, appointed Chair of the CEMS Global Alliance

  • Eugenia Bieto has been appointed Chair of the CEMS Global Alliance, at a time of consolidation and enhancement of the alliance’s globalization strategy
  • The CEMS Global Alliance unites 30 top business schools on five continents with over 75 company and non-profits to deliver one Master in International Management (MIM) program on 5 continents.

Stockholm, 6 December 2016 — Eugenia Bieto, Director General of ESADE Business & Law School, has been appointed Chair of the CEMS Global Alliance.

07 Dec 2016

HKUST wins Course of the Year Award

The Global Marcroeconomics course by Professor Rao from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Business School wins Course of the Year Award. Macroeconomics is described as a branch of economics dealing with the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole rather than individual markets. The Global Macroeconomics course focused on the fact that we live in a ‘macro world’, and that macro issues can have a significant impact on our lives.

A recent report by the Economist focusing on globalization highlighted how larger macro-economic issues have significant impact on local communities and individual lives both positive and negative.

04 Dec 2016

WU and CBS Win Block Seminar of the Year Award

The Strategy as Practice – Critical Thinking, Problem Formulation, and Biases block seminar, a co-creation of Professor Phillip C. Nell from WU, Vienna University of Economics and Business and Professor Diego Stea from Copenhagen Business School wins The Block Seminar of the Year Award. The block seminar was developed based on a discussion between the two about conventional approaches in classic strategy courses.  Different from these approaches, the course uses insights from the behavioral sciences to focus on decision-making processes, cognitive biases, and logical fallacies, so as to provide new insights on the strategic management of organizations.

Through this course, the students learnt how the adoption of a behavioral perspective may provide important insights on the way strategy is crafted and carried out in practice.

04 Dec 2016

WU,Wins Course of the Year Award

Globalization offers many advantages but still massive differences in the institutional contexts and high levels of complexity when firms try to manage far-flung operations. The Global Strategic Management Course combined traditional and modern teaching methods to enable students to understand topics such as internationalization, of firms, subsidiary strategies, and emerging markets that are critical in tomorrow’s work environment.

Professor Nell from WU, Vienna University of Economics and Business, who has experience in strategy consulting used a blended teaching approach for the course.

04 Dec 2016

HKUST Business School wins School of the Year Award

Established in 1991, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKUST Business School is seen as “Asia’s youngest but most respected business school” according to the Financial Times. HKUST programmes are highly regarded for their cutting edge design and delivery, and are consistently ranked among the very best in the world by international media. HKUST is the 2016 recipient of the CEMS School of the Year Award based on the results of the Student Satisfaction Survey. To understand what makes them so successful we spoke to representatives at the school.

“Hong Kong is simply one of the most amazing and exciting places in the world. No other city offers the same kind of link between east and west.

04 Dec 2016