Globe & Mail: India immersion yields lessons in culture as much as business

In an article by Jennifer Lewington, Canada’s The Globe & Mail explores the Ivey Global Lab, a mandatory 10-week practicum for students enrolled in the international business stream of the school’s master of science in management. The article shares data from the CEMS Universum Going Global survey of 1,200 company recruiters, business graduates and students, showing that half of human resource managers said they “value candidates who have the ability to embrace the challenges of working in another country” and that “geographical mobility of a potential employee is a strong advantage in the early stages of their career.” “From everything my colleagues and I at AACSB have seen, and we haven’t seen everything, we think this Ivey Global Lab is the most substantial and intensive experiential learning initiative we know of in a one-year master’s program,” says Patrick Cullen, vice-president of strategy and innovation for the AACSB, citing the extent and rigorousness of the global component. “That is clearly distinctive.”

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31 Aug 2017

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