ABB and the University of Cologne win Business Project of the Year

Similar to the rise of the internet, digitalization will transform our everyday lives. Most tasks which can be based on algorithms will be done or at least semi-automated by artificial intelligence and robots. CEMS students studying at the University of Cologne in Germany had the unique opportunity to collaborate with ABB on a business project involving marketing intelligence around IBM’s Watson. The project was voted as the 2017 CEMS Business Project of the Year. We caught up with Oliver Lawrenz, Group Vice President Marketing & Sales – Performance Management, ABB; supervising professor at UoC Dr. Michael Becker-Peth; and students Daniel Zimpel, UoC; Felix Hütter, UoC; Yiran Yang, USYD; Peizhe Yang, UB to learn more.

“ABB is transforming the way its customers interact through a couple of digitalization programs including FACE (Future ABB Customer Experience) and ABB Ability, the company’s unified, cross-industr

22 Nov 2017

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