CEMS in Forbes: Global Network Powers Management Education

Business is changing fast, but MBA enrollments in the U.S. are shrinking. How to stay relevant? A group of top global business schools belong to a global alliance committed to educating and preparing future generations of international business leaders. Full article can be found here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomvanderark/2018/08/08/global-network-powers-management-education/#5aae8e2454e4

21 Aug 2018

CEMS Series for IEDP, Stopping Tax Evasion: Detection Probability Vs Moral Persuasion

A large field experiment involving Norwegian taxpayers underreporting foreign income reveals that the probability of detection deters the greatest number of potential non-compliant taxpayers; moral arguments sways fewer non-compliant taxpayers but inspires those who listen to significantly increase their reported income. The authors of this research teach on the CEMS Masters in Management program at the Norwegian School of Economics – and this Idea is part of the CEMS series for IEDP. Read the full article here: https://www.ideasforleaders.com/ideas/stopping-tax-evasion-detection-probability-vs-moral-persuasion

20 Aug 2018

CEMS Series for IEDP, Transgenerational Entrepreneurship In Family Businesses

Managing the family as well as the family business, maintaining dynamic portfolios of businesses, and ensuring continued family control of the organization are some of the factors for keeping family businesses entrepreneurial across generations. The author of this research, Maria Jose Parada, teaches on the CEMS Masters in Management program at ESADE – and this Idea is part of the CEMS series for IEDP. Read the full article here: https://www.ideasforleaders.com/ideas/transgenerational-entrepreneurship-in-family-businesses

20 Aug 2018

CEMS in The Economist, Academic view: Preparing for climate change

Business schools need to prepare future leaders to prevent climate disruption, says Rolf Wüstenhagen, a professor at the University of St. Gallen. Here is how they can do so.

See the full article in The Economist: https://www.economist.com/whichmba/academic-view-preparing-climate-change

16 Aug 2018