Digital Upskilling

Last December, L’Oréal held a Skill Seminar on ‘Digital Upskilling’ at NHH. The idea for this seminar was launched by Marie van Beijeren, NHH CEMS Corporate Relations Manager and Project Coordinator who worked with Laura Feist to design the seminar. Joining the group was Matthijs van der Putten, L’Oréal Nordic Chief Marketing Officer, who created the course together with the L’Oréal Nordic Talent Acquisition Team and also played a key role during the courses at SSE and NHH. We connected with the people involved to learn more.

“Since L’Oréal has a good relationship with NHH and our students appreciate L’Oréal as a prospective employer, I was keen to invite them to NHH for a Skill Seminar.

12 Sep 2018

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