CEMS DACH Forum 2018

The CEMS DACH Forum is a yearly rotating event between Vienna University
of Economics and Business (Austria), University of Cologne (Germany), and
the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). The CEMS DACH Forum 2018 was hosted
by the University of St. Gallen from the 24th until the 27th
of October 2018. It was built around a 3 ECTS course on International Corporate
Governance. The CEMS DACH Forum included lectures by
leading professors from the University of St. Gallen, practical insights from
the corporate world, challenging case studies, networking
opportunities and social activities.

Regional CEMS events offer the perfect opportunity to connect. They are the ideal place to come together, live up the CEMS spirit and broaden the academic horizon.

28 Nov 2018

RSM wins CEMS Business Project of the Year

The winning CEMS Business Project of the Year, which was conducted at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, focused on a rapidly growing food delivery service, with a goal to reduce costs at their call center. The CEMS students went well beyond their objectives by helping the company to identify and tackle systemic issues, as well as test their recommendations.

To support its growth and commitment to customer service, the company offers its customers the possibility to seek remediation in the case of service failure.

22 Nov 2018

The University of St. Gallen wins the CEMS Global Management Practice Award 2018 for the course The Art of Modern Leadership

CEMS students voted for their choice of the CEMS Global Management Practice Award 2018 for the course The Art of Modern Leadership taught at HSG. Leadership is all about experience. This course looks back at a history of more than 70 years of empirical and theoretical research on leadership to equip students with an understanding of the key principles by which responsible leaders influence other people. CEMS interviewed Pr. Wolfgang Jenewein, to learn more.

1.) Could you briefly describe the learning objectives of this course?

· Building up a common understanding and a consistent wording for leadership

22 Nov 2018

Catching Up With CEMSies: Ruben Schultz with Facebook

On October 10th, 2018, the current
RSM students had the chance to attend a guest lecture by Ruben Schultz, who
graduated from the CEMS MIM at Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands and
ESADE, Spain in 2015. Ruben came all the way from Palo Alto, California, to
tell them more about his career at Facebook and debunk a few myths about the
Californian tech firms. Following the lecture, Ruben and the students joined
other alumni for networking drinks. This article sums up the key learning from
Ruben’s speech.

What do you do at Facebook?

19 Nov 2018

CEMS At 30: Why The Global Alliance Is More Valuable Than Ever

On the Global Master’s in Management at London School of Economics, students can broaden their horizons and their skills at one of the CEMS exchange’s 31 business schools. Read the full article: https://www.businessbecause.com/news/masters-in-management/5623/cems-30-why-global-alliance-more-valuable-ever

13 Nov 2018

RSM wins Course of the Year Award: International Strategy

The Rotterdam Schol of Management, Erasmus University recenty won the CEMS Course of the Year award for International Strategy, taught by Professor Brian Pinkham. CEMS recently interviewed Pr Pinkham to understand what made this course so successful.

1) Could you briefly describe the learning objectives of this course?

13 Nov 2018