What is SAMP?

SAMP matches together students and alumni as mentors who can provide support and advice on studies, internships, exchange semesters, applications or career choices.

It can also create new friendships and a unique long time relationship among the participants.

It is a great individual networking opportunity that leverages on the strong CEMS network!

What is the role of an alumnus mentor?

The role of a mentor is to provide advice and insight into his/her industry or function. The mentor takes time to meet with his/her mentee periodically, either in person, via phone or e-mail, and where appropriate should arrange a visit to the workplace or participate in professional activities, such as conferences.

What is the role of a student mentee?

Students play an important role to begin, cultivate and maintain the mentor/mentee relationship.

Benefit for alumni mentors:

  • Opportunity to actively build the CEMS network and personal professional network.
  • Personal satisfaction in helping to make a difference in the life of a student or another alumnus or alumna.
  • Opportunity to provide career knowledge and real-world experience.
  • Build experience in mentoring, coaching and advising in a safe environment.
  • Branding of your employer and/ or company.
  • Acknowledgement of the employer when recruiting high profiles.
  • Possibility to share experiences with other alumni mentors.
  • Involvement with CEMS students and alumni at a personal level.

Benefits for student & alumni participants

  • Better understand the prerequisities for the job or career path you are looking at.
  • Receive valuable advice on how to prepare (resumes, interviews, follow-up) for your job application or capital search.
  • Learn about alternative career paths related to your (current job), interests and major.
  • Increase your professional network.

Even more benefits for student participants

  • Gain insight into the working world from someone who shares the CEMS experience.
  • Increase awareness of opportunities related to the major.
  • Become part of the CEMS Alumni Network.

More about SAMP: