Frequently asked questions

Serving 10,000+ CEMS Alumni worldwide while maintaining communication on behalf of the alumni with the CEMS students, CEMS schools, and CEMS corporate partners, we still strive to answer each message we received from you as quickly as possible. To make sure you can have your problem solved easier and faster, we collect the most frequently asked questions and provide the most applicable answers in this section.

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How can I stayed involved after graduating from CEMS?

There are several ways you can stay in touch with the CEMS community and other CEMSies even after graduating.

      • Become a contributing member of the CEMS Alumni Association (see more information here)
      • Participate in 200+ social and professional events worldwide. (find event calendar here or join the biggest CEMS event of the year- the CEMS Annual Events)

I am working at one of CEMS 70+ corporate partners. Is there any way I can know other CEMSies who are also working in the company?

We are establishing the CEMS intra-company groups among our 70+ corporate partners. Find out more information here. Or contact us if there still not yet one in the company you are working at.