SSE’s Unique Winning Formula

This year, SSE won the Business Project of the Year Award for their work with Transparency International. The project was voted by CEMS students as the ‘2016 CEMS Business Project of the Year’. The team included from TI: Alesia Nahirny, Executive Director, Transparency International Canada; CEMS students: Julius Friedrich, Christian Weigert, Lisa Lindgren, Filip Chrostek and supervising faculty at SSE, Ciara Sutton (SSE CEMS Academic Director), and Frida Pemer, both at the Department of Management and Organization at SSE. This was a huge success for the team involved, but it also underlines a larger success story in Sweden at SSE.

In Scandinavia there is a strong belief that the human element is critically important to the success in a project.

04 Dec 2016

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